Design and Implementation of Embedded Water Quality Control and Monitoring System for Indoor Shrimp Cultivation

Keywords: monitoring system, embedded system, fuzzy logic controller, water quality, shrimp cultivation


Maintaining the water quality of a pond is one of the main issues on aquaculture management. Water quality represents the condition of a pond based on several water parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature, pH, and salinity. All of these parameters need to be strictly supervised since it affects the life-sustainability of cultivated organisms. However, DO is said to be the main parameter since it affects the growth and survival rate of the shrimp. Therefore, a water quality control and monitoring system is needed to maintain water parameters at acceptable value. The system is developed on a mini-PC and microcontroller which are integrated with several sensors and actuator forming an embedded system. Then, this system is used to collect water quality data that is consisting of several water parameters and control the DO as the main parameter. In accordance with the stability needs against the sensitive environment, a fuzzy logic-based controller is developed to maintain the DO rate in the water. This system is also equipped with SIM800 module to notice the farmer by SMS, built-in wifi module for web-based data logging, and improved with Android-based graphical user interface (GUI) to perform user-friendly monitoring. From the experiment results, a fuzzy controller that is attached to the system can control the DO at the acceptable value of 6 ppm. The controller is said to have high robustness since its deviation for long-time use is only 0.12 ppm. Another test shows that the controller is able to overcome the given disturbance and easily adapt when the DO’s set point is changed.  Finally, the system is able to collect and store the data into cloud storage periodically and show the data on a website.


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Author Biographies

Oskar Natan, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia

Master Degree Student of Electrical Engineering

Agus Indra Gunawan, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia

Head of Graduate Study of Electrical Engineering

Bima Sena Bayu Dewantara, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia

Head of Graduate Study of Informatics and Computer Engineering


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