GURILEM : A Novel Design of Customer Rating Model using K-Means and RFM

Keywords: customer preferences, rating, recommendation, RFM, K-Means.


A rating system or reviews are generally used to assist in making decisions. Rating system widely used as a technique in the recommendation of one of them used by the customer, as in determining the resort to be used. However, the credibility of the rating looks vague because the rating could only represent some points of service. So that customer preference with each other is very different. Personalized recommendation systems offer more personalized advice, precisely knowing the preferences or tastes of the customers. Especially for customers who have a transaction history or reservation as at their resorts provide good information used by managers to design a recommendation model for their customers. In this study aims to create a model of resort recommendations based on a rating of frequency. This frequency is the number of resort use by the customer within the specified time frame. With the frequency can represent the preferences of customers. The RFM method is used to measure the reservation frequency value of the customer. The K-Means method is used to categorize customer data with its frequency and classify the type of resort. Recommendation resort to the customer based on the dominant use in one of the resort types. The recommended type of resort based on the similarity between the types of resorts used with other types of resorts.


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