Focused Time Delay Neural Network For Tuning Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Widi Aribowo State University Of Surabaya, Indonesia
Keywords: SMIB, AVR, FTDNN, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Single Machine, Focused Time Delay Neural Network,


This paper proposes a novel controller for automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system. The controller is used Focused Time Delay Neural Network (FTDNN). It does not require dynamic backpropagation to compute the network gradient. FTDNN AVR can train network faster than other dynamic networks. Simulation was performed to compare load angle (load angle) and Speed. The performance of the system with FTDNN-AVR has compared with a Conventional AVR (C-AVR) and RNN AVR. Simulations in Matlab/Simulink show the effectiveness of FTDNN-AVR design, and superior robust performance with different cases.


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