Design and Analysis of the Voltage Controller for the Non Isolated Boost DC-DC Convertor

  • Mohammad Reza Modabbernia Technical and Vocational University
  • Alireza Akoushideh Technical and Vocational University
  • Seyed Yaser Fakhrmoosavi Technical and Vocational University
Keywords: Boost converter, root locus, state space average model.


In this paper, a controller has been presented by the root locus method based on the state space average model of the boost switching regulator with all of the converter’s parameters and uncertainties. In this model, the load current is unknown and the inductor, capacitor, diode and active switch are non ideal and have an on-state resistance. Furthermore, an on-state voltage drop has been considered for diode and active switch. By neglecting the load current and assuming the ideal elements the simplified model of the regulator has been caddied out. By these complete and simplified models, a step by step method has been proposed to design a single input single output (SISO), second order controller based on roots locus method. In this regard the controller's electronic circuit has been introduced by operational amplifiers. At the end, by simulation of the complete closed-loop system in MATLAB Simulink environment and comparing its results by the results of the regulator and controller circuits in PLECS, the accuracy of the designed controller performance has been shown.


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Mohammad Reza Modabbernia, Technical and Vocational University
Electrical Department
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Modabbernia, M. R., Akoushideh, A., & Fakhrmoosavi, S. Y. (2019). Design and Analysis of the Voltage Controller for the Non Isolated Boost DC-DC Convertor. EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology, 7(1), 14-33.