A Similarity-Ranking Method on Semantic Computing for Providing Information-Services in Station-Concierge System

  • Motoki Yokoyama Keio University
  • Yasushi Kiyoki Keio University
  • Tetsuya Mita Research and Development Center of JR East Group, East Japan Railway Company
Keywords: Context Awareness, Semantic Computing, Semantic Associative Search, Information Retrieval, Cyber-Physical system.


The prevalence of smartphones and wireless broadband networks have been progressing as a new Railway infomration environment. According to the spread of such devices and information technology, various types of information can be obtained from databases connected to the Internet. One scenario of obtaining such a wide variety of information resources is in the phase of user’s transportation. This paper proposes an information provision system, named the Station Concierge System that matches the situation and intention of passengers. The purpose of this system is to estimate the needs of passengers like station staff or hotel concierge and to provide information resources that satisfy user’s expectations dynamically. The most important module of the system is constructed based on a new information ranking method for passenger intention prediction and service recommendation. This method has three main features, which are (1) projecting a user to semantic vector space by using her current context, (2) predicting the intention of a user based on selecting a semantic vector subspace, and (3) ranking the services by a descending order of relevant scores to the user’ intention. By comparing the predicted results of our method with those of two straightforward computation methods, the experimental studies show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method. Using this system, users can obtain transit information and service map that dynamically matches their context.


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Yokoyama, M., Kiyoki, Y., & Mita, T. (2017). A Similarity-Ranking Method on Semantic Computing for Providing Information-Services in Station-Concierge System. EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology, 5(1), 16-35. https://doi.org/10.24003/emitter.v5i1.189