Comparative Study of Modulation-Based Individual Inverter Techniques for Direct and Inverse by using Star-Connection Induction Motor in Extra Low Voltage Application

Ardhia Wishnuprakasa, Era Purwanto, Novie Ayub Windarko


In this study, the IEEE 519 Standard as a basis benchmarking for voltage (THDV) and current (THDI) in draft performance. Comparative Study based onthree-techniques of 2-Level Converter (2LC) by using a Star-Connection Induction Motor (Y-CIM) in ExtraLow Voltage (ELV) Configuration.For the detail explanation, a primary inverter as Direct-Inverterby PWMdirect (PWM) degreesand asecondary inverter as Inverse-Inverterby PWMinverse(PWM + PI) degrees. It tends a modified algorithm,for eachof SPWM in six rules, and FHIPWM in 5th harmonics Injectedin standard modulation as the purpose for the Open-Ends of Pre-Dual Inverter in Decoupled SPWM for twelve rules, and Decoupled FHIPWM in combination of 5th harmonics Injectedin combination of two-standard-modulation. Those techniques are the purpose of two-inverter combination, which namelythe Equal Direct-Inverse (EDI) algorithmproduct of prototyping in similarities. The observation is restricted in voltage scope between Simulation by using Power Simulator (PSIM)and Application by using Microcontroller ARM STM32F4 Discovery.


Direct Inverter, Inverse Inverter, SPWM, FHIPWM

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DOI: 10.24003/emitter.v4i2.154


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